Ding, Dong, Dyngus Day

Polish pysanky eggs decorated with symbols of nature's renewal. Happy Wet Monday! Roll out that barrel of Zyviec, set out plates of leftover Easter fare, put some polkas on the turntable, and let the drenching begin!

An Egg and the Green Goddess

Baked eggs with butter lettuce dressed with Basil-pea Green Goddess Dressing. The mystical powers held by the vernal equinox are upon us. Let us gather some of the usual springtime myths and put them in the limelight.

In the St. Paddy's Day Pink

Wild Irish Rose cocktail from The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual. Saint Patrick's Day is fast approaching. And as in the case of most cataclysmic social events, the time is nigh to draft a civilized drinking plan.

Poor Knights, for one.

What do you do with stale bread and apples? Make Poor Knights! This is the story of a New York kind of toast.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Challenge

Zucchini confetti shrimp appetizer made with Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. Some subscribe to the "make everything from scratch" philosophy. We do not.

A New York State of Brunch

Brunching in NewYork City is a drag.
Late Saturday morning, a craving for an unspecified something sweet and fabulous, but too lazy to deal with the NYC brunch crowd. What’s a girl to do?