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The Forgotten Fruit

Make a fresh pear puree cocktail for your next autumn party.
First, let’s shine some light on a worthy seasonal contender amid the current Great Pumpkin and Apple Rush. Then, let's drink it.

Sakura, it’s the bee’s knees!

The Sakura Bee's Knees cocktail on a vintage tray.
Whoopee! Pass the hooch, Sakura season is finally here.

Cherry Nice

A glass of Polish Cherry Cordial in the park.
Whether cited in bowlfuls or as a single drupe placed atop a marvelous dessert, cherries have imparted legendary happiness since antiquity.

On a High Horse

The High Horse cocktail by Shannon Tebay Sidle. Photo by Gina Haase.
When a cocktail tastes as good as it looks, it’s okay to feel a little uppity.

Confessions in Orleans Green

It's Mardi Gras! Make a New Orleans style Grasshopper cocktail drink for two.
The last day of the Carnival season has arrived, and as the Cajun expression goes, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Sip Merrily

The Dead Rabbit’s Mulled Egg-Wine, the perfect holiday y drink for two.
Visions of sugarplums can inspire frequent bouts of holiday nostalgia.

A bodacious beverage of historic proportions is our prescription to help keep those visions merry and bright.

Hot Punch for That Holiday Glow

Whip up this Hot Buttered Cider Punch for your rum-loving holiday crowd. If there’s one thing to remember in this season of nearly non-stop celebration, it is this: nothing warms up after-dinner conversation quite like a quaff of hot punch.

Sip-worthy Fuel for Thought

Try the corn 'n' oil, a traditional Barbadian cocktail featuring falernum.
“What’s the deal with corn and oil?”

O Fortuna

Feeling glum? Make the Cara Cara Sour cocktail, a smile-worthy sipper.
Today is the day of predictive cloud coverage, animals awakening on specific dates, and remembrances of fortuitous historic happenings.

Winter Warmers, part 1

Canelazo Sanguinello, a hot cocktail featuring aguardiente and blood oranges.
It’s easy to love Northeastern winters during the festive holiday season, but once we un-deck the halls and head into austere January, the bitter temperatures and the landscape’s icy shades of grey often color our mood bleak.

In the St. Paddy's Day Pink

Wild Irish Rose cocktail from The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual. Saint Patrick's Day is fast approaching. And as in the case of most cataclysmic social events, the time is nigh to draft a civilized drinking plan.

Leap Day Leap of Faith

It's Leap day! Make the Leap Year Cocktail. Today is National Leap Day, a day that exists for purely astronomical reasons.

Rose-tinted Glasses

Blood oranges are in season during the winter months. The days are getting longer, the groundhog has emerged without a winter care, and visions of fresh berries, spring peas, and tender leafy greens dance in our heads.

In Defense of the Saketini

Poor, maligned saketini, a drink which suffers under the withering gaze of the sophisticated.

A Reboot

The reboot smoothie features market fresh fruit and a touch of espresso powder.
This blog is as frozen as an ice cube.

Heavenly Sky Juice

Bahamian Sky Juice is a gin-based tropical nectar worthy of the gods.
Dangling in clusters from trees, piled high on vendor’s tables, and featured at every beach shack, coconuts are everywhere in the Bahamas.

A Tale of Two Rickeys

How a 19th century lobbyist from Missouri and a gin-based highball crossed paths.

Ade for the Soul

Go beyond lemonade. Make an Ade with any citrus.
Or, “What we did with all that citrus.”