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Winter Warmers, part 2

A cozy salmon supper for six featuring quinoa, carrots and sweet potatoes.
Short dreary days, long chilly nights, and quixotic New Year’s resolutions can leave us feeling terribly mean-spirited come mid-January.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Challenge

Zucchini confetti shrimp appetizer made with Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. Some subscribe to the "make everything from scratch" philosophy. We do not.

Chilly Outside, Chili Inside

Three Sisters Chili recipe, a vegan dish made with Bush's Beans.
Vegetarian...nope, scratch that, VEGAN chili? Them's fightin’ words in some parts!

Baked, with a Butternut Twist

Leftover butternut puree transformed into butternut baked ziti. Ah, Thanksgiving. For some, it’s a time of boundless gratitude and quiet contemplation. For others, it’s a frenzy of food, friends, and frivolity.

Corn chowder, in essence.

Fresh corn straight off the cob is the number one ingredient of Corn Chowder.
Thick, deliciously creamy, each hearty spoonful chock-full of fresh-tasting corn…what’s not to love about homemade corn chowder?