Sip Merrily

The Dead Rabbit’s Mulled Egg-Wine, the perfect holiday y drink for two.
Visions of sugarplums can inspire frequent bouts of holiday nostalgia.

A bodacious beverage of historic proportions is our prescription to help keep those visions merry and bright.

Of Love and Cookies

Make some frosted sugar cookies for your sweetheart. Hands down, baking batches (and batches and batches) of cookies is our second favorite dessert-related pastime.

Hot Punch for That Holiday Glow

Whip up this Hot Buttered Cider Punch for your rum-loving holiday crowd. If there’s one thing to remember in this season of nearly non-stop celebration, it is this: nothing warms up after-dinner conversation quite like a quaff of hot punch.

Sip-worthy Fuel for Thought

Try the corn 'n' oil, a traditional Barbadian cocktail featuring falernum.
“What’s the deal with corn and oil?”

Drop a hint, pack a dollop.

A  word collage: drop, dash, dollop, hint, pinch, smidgen.
Exactly how does one measure six dollops?

Real Men Eat Corn Quiche

fresh corn quiche with chives
Surplus fresh corn and frozen pie shells. Oh, happy day!

Splitting the Rarest of Hares

Piping hot Welsh Rabbit, a very British dish of hot cheese sauce over toast.
"Well, many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese — toasted, mostly — and woke up again, and here I were."
– Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island (1883)

A Toast at World's End

Bartender Brian Miller pours a rum-fueled tiki drink at pouring Ribbons.
The golden age of tiki piracy is coming to an end. But before we begin crying into our tankards, let’s all board ship for one last hurrah.

O Fortuna

Feeling glum? Make the Cara Cara Sour cocktail, a smile-worthy sipper.
Today is the day of predictive cloud coverage, animals awakening on specific dates, and remembrances of fortuitous historic happenings.

Best Laid Schemes

Serve a platter of whisky-doused salmon canapés at your next Burns Supper.
One score and three years ago, we hosted our first Burns Supper, a celebration of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796).

Winter Warmers, part 2

A cozy salmon supper for six featuring quinoa, carrots and sweet potatoes.
Short dreary days, long chilly nights, and quixotic New Year’s resolutions can leave us feeling terribly mean-spirited come mid-January.

Winter Warmers, part 1

Canelazo Sanguinello, a hot cocktail featuring aguardiente and blood oranges.
It’s easy to love Northeastern winters during the festive holiday season, but once we un-deck the halls and head into austere January, the bitter temperatures and the landscape’s icy shades of grey often color our mood bleak.