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Have you ever wondered how a recipe got its peculiar name? Do offbeat food-centric observations kindle culinary excitement? Are you intrigued by the origin stories of past and present epicurean delights?

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Food and drink have been an integral part of the everyday human experience since the beginning. Through recipes and rituals, our ancestors have left us a marvelous report on their community’s unique attitude toward sustenance, survival, and conviviality. Nibble Sip is where we celebrate this human side of culinary creation.

Our goal is to entertain, inspire, and educate both enthusiasts and the merely culinary curious. Through thoroughly researched, in-depth essays focusing on the history of beloved heirloom recipes, unusual holiday traditions, and common (and not so common) ingredients, we want to inspire our readers to look beyond the dish and see the culture contained therein. Big, beautiful photos help capture the essence without overwhelming the prose.

We love a good party, so togetherness is a theme oft revisited on Nibble Sip. Our food and drink recipes are designed for for happy mingling and joyous socialization. We want you to successfully make our recipes, so each one is carefully tested and documented. Handy illustrations, charts, and detailed explanations are included for any unfamiliar ingredients or complicated steps.

About the Blog

Nibble Sip began in 2005 as an attempt to share a crazy magpie’s nest of stained photocopies, ancient magazine clippings, and tattered notebook pages full of assorted food-related musings with a few online friends.

As directionless as a leaf in summer's breeze the blog slowly gathered momentum in 2011, its subject matter shifting from basic “how-tos” to seasonal explorations, our posts focusing more on history and heritage and less on popular trends.

Nowadays, Nibble Sip is more akin to an old-school editorial publication than an ad-laden, SEO-optimized food blog. Our posts highlight the stories behind the ingredients, often revealing hidden meanings or forgotten facts. We like to take long (and sometimes cheeky) looks at regional specialties, food-related superstitions, and other oddities within the vast universe of culinary experiences. We are also not above poking a bit of fun at ourselves.

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Meet Your Hostess

it's the greatest album you'll never hear!
I’m Gina, and I am a
  • nibbler;
  • sipper;
  • tinkerer;
  • and music maker.

I’m also the primary researcher, writer, photographer, illustrator, and recipe developer behind Nibble Sip.

Once upon a time, my career completely revolved around usability and web-based applications. I like to keep my hand in the business, so I do all my “coding” (i.e. markup and javascript).

Nibble Sip is built on Google’s Blogger platform. It’s a fantastic deal: free hosting, top notch security, and unlimited bandwidth. The built-in templates are very flexible and easily customizable (Nibble Sip uses the Simple Template), function exactly as a blog should (it is, after all, a blogging platform), and are extremely mobile-friendly. Best of all, it’s entirely free to use. (No one has paid me to say this: I simply adore Blogger.)

When not blogging, my days are generally occupied with personal chef services, freelance design work, old home renovations, and kitchen garden chores.

Some nights are dedicated to dj gigs or luxuriamusic.com radio shows. Others are blissfully quiet.

I have a parrot who never ceases to amaze.

I spent many years as a recipe tester for various publications. Honing recipes to maximum modern goodness remains my favorite domestic pastime. I’ve also been known to craft a cocktail or two.

Have a look around, and if you like what you see, please make visiting a habit. I can’t promise frequent posts, but I can promise interesting ones. Thanks for stopping by!


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