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Drop a hint, pack a dollop.

A  word collage: drop, dash, dollop, hint, pinch, smidgen.
Exactly how does one measure six dollops?

Baked, with a Butternut Twist

Leftover butternut puree transformed into butternut baked ziti. Ah, Thanksgiving. For some, it’s a time of boundless gratitude and quiet contemplation. For others, it’s a frenzy of food, friends, and frivolity.

Save Our Stems...for Stock

Save those wild mushrooms trimmings!
Frilled, gilled, clubbed, conical, round, and flat, savory mushrooms are where it’s at.

Finding Sunshine

Clockwise from center: pomelo, lemon, limes, juicing orange, white grapefruit.
We visit our local farmer’s markets on a regular basis. But when the winter doldrums hit, we stop by nearly as much for a quick mental pick-me-up as we do for the tasty offerings.