Baked, with a Butternut Twist

Leftover butternut puree transformed into butternut baked ziti. Ah, Thanksgiving. For some, it’s a time of boundless gratitude and quiet contemplation. For others, it’s a frenzy of food, friends, and frivolity.

In Defense of the Saketini

Poor, maligned saketini, a drink which suffers under the withering gaze of the sophisticated.

Corn chowder, in essence.

Fresh corn straight off the cob is the number one ingredient of Corn Chowder.
Thick, deliciously creamy, each hearty spoonful chock-full of fresh-tasting corn…what’s not to love about homemade corn chowder?

Summer Ears Gone By

Fresh ears of NJ-grown bicolor sweet corn.
White, yellow or bi-color, New Jersey is arguably as famous for its sweet corn as it is for its field-ripened tomatoes.

Save Our Stems...for Stock

Save those wild mushrooms trimmings!
Frilled, gilled, clubbed, conical, round, and flat, savory mushrooms are where it’s at.

The Autumn Wilds Yonder

Lobster mushrooms are vegetarian-friendly. The Autumnal Equinox heralds the beginning of shorter days, cooler nights, pumpkins galore and the heady aroma of foraged fungus.

What Lies Beneath the Shell

Brown eggs and white eggs are nutritionally the same.
I recently found myself at the checkout line of our local market, trapped between two very lively conversationalists.

Road trip: Ode to the Sunflower

Sunflower heads New Jersey is a state with over 700,000 acres of farmland where plenty of agritourism opportunities abound. We favor the most fleeting: u-pick berries and seasonal living mazes.

A Reboot

The reboot smoothie features market fresh fruit and a touch of espresso powder.
This blog is as frozen as an ice cube.