A Reboot

The reboot smoothie features market fresh fruit and a touch of espresso powder.
This blog is as frozen as an ice cube.

Time for a cold one... a cold reboot, that is.

nibble sip: new design, new direction, new attitude!

I’m keeping a few of the old posts (thanks to an ingrained recycling instinct), the general content structure (loving the new Blogger templates, btw), and the focus will remain on interesting food and drink topics, but that's about it.

So excited. Hope you are too!

Why reboot, you idly wonder?

Because sometimes a complete reboot is the only way to recover and re-initialize creativity after major interrupters, like:
The case of the Mysteriously Broken Camera. Sure, you can blog about food sans working kitchen, but you can’t have a food blog without pics!
2011’s lovely Hurricane Irene. This disaster afforded me the opportunity to:
  • live without power and heat for three weeks.
  • spend three months thereafter saying goodbye to the unsalvageable contents of my basement kitchen, laundry room, workshop and storage area.
  • live with sporadic power.
  • live without laundry facilities.
  • live without that second fridge.
2012’s Hurricane Sandy. This stranded me in Los Angeles with two day’s clothing and no way tell if the house had flooded again or to check the well-being of my beloved lorikeet Martiki. (He was fine. So was the house.)
The impromptu move. Deciding after one week of post-Sandy cleanup to pack up 17 years of accumulations and move 2 miles southeast and a whole lotta feet above sea level.
The 1926 storybook cottage. Undoing 40 years of neglect by embarking on 3 years of time-sucking home renovations.
Sure, plenty of time was spent exploring new cooking techniques (oh, the challenges of not having a working cooktop), indulging in peak-season produce (fabulous new kitchen garden), and swapping revamped retro recipes, but when it came time to posting, the spirit was willing, but the hand was holding the tv remote.

Whatever. It’s time to nibble on and sip, sip away!

Hello World Smoothie

blend a half-cup unsweetened almond milk,
half a banana,
a cup mixed fresh berries,
a teaspoon or two instant coffee
and a quarter cup ice until smooth.

tip: add some chilled water if you prefer a thinner smoothie