#BushsChiliCookOff and The Daily Meal

Bush's Beans feature heavily in our chili recipes. The temperature in the NYC area has finally dropped to a reasonable winter level, so thoughts naturally turn to cozy-comfy indoor pursuits.

My favorite cozy pastimes? Slipping into some warm, fuzzy togs, snuggling up with a few good cookbooks beside a (real or imagined) roaring fireplace, and savoring a steaming bowl of spicy, savory homemade chili.

So, I’m making a big batch of my favorite vegetarian chili. While I’m at it, I’m entering the recipe in the #BushsChiliCookOff at The Daily Meal. Multi-tasking at its tastiest.

Not feeling up to whipping up a batch of your favorite chili recipe just yet? Well, here are five other incentives:
  1. Large batches of chili are a great reason to invite friends over.
  2. Large batches of chili are insurance against starvation during a snow-in.
  3. Add some leftover chili to mac and cheese. You're welcome.
  4. Leftover chili means more chili nachos, chili dogs, chili fries, chili burritos, chili enchiladas, chili "taco" salad, tamale pie, chili cottage pie, chili-stuffed potatoes, chili-stuffed peppers, chili-stuffed cornbread, and so on.
  5. My finest discovery last power outage: warm up some leftover chili with a little bit of tomato sauce and milk; place mixture into an oven-proof skillet, make some wells in the chili; crack an egg into each well; sprinkle the whole thing with cheese and bake at 400°F for 10-18 minutes, or until the eggs are done to your liking.
So what are you waiting for? The contest ends at 8:00pm EST on January 8th, 2016, so why not make dinner tonight, take a photo of your masterpiece, and enter the #BushsChiliCookOff at The Daily Meal contest tomorrow?

Two lucky winners and their guests will be selected by the editors of The Daily Meal to be flown to chilly New York City for a BUSH’S Beans Kitchen Collaboration Demo Video. The winners will be paired with chef Jeffrey Saad, who will work with the winners and their recipes and create other exciting variations. Cool, huh?

Entering is easy. Make your favorite chili recipe using BUSH’S Beans, snap a great photo, and submit it here. After that, be sure to share the excitement by tagging #BushsChiliCookOff on your favorite social media platform.

Happy cooking!