A Toast at World's End

Bartender Brian Miller pours a rum-fueled tiki drink at pouring Ribbons.
The golden age of tiki piracy is coming to an end. But before we begin crying into our tankards, let’s all board ship for one last hurrah.

Tiki Mondays with Miller, that riotous NYC celebration of tiki drinks, tropical attire, and rum-slinging pirates, embarks on its final booze-fueled adventure February 13th, 2017, after a successful five-year run.

Brian Miller, the man at the helm.
Photo by Danny Miller. @danleomil
Tiki cocktails, those magical elixirs designed to transport you to a tropical (and sunnier) state of mind, are what Tiki Mondays with Miller is all about. World-weary New Yorkers ready for a bit of escapism would be well advised to join the crew for one final trip to virtual paradise.

Pirate captain and bartender extraordinaire Brian Miller assures us that he and the crew “do not plan to go quietly into the night”. All who attend will be treated to an evening replete with surprise guests, random displays of pirate cunning, and some of the most innovative tiki drinks to be found in the Northeast and beyond.

If you fancy rustling grass skirts and lovely hula hands, be sure to arrive before 8pm: The talented Hula Belly Sisters will be demonstrating their intrinsic understanding of hip-shaking performance to the delight of all.

Those of us known affectionately as the “Tiki Mafiarrrrrrrrgh” have faithfully followed the Tiki Monday crew from its weekly origins at legendary Lani Kai, on to Gold Bar, Mother’s Ruin, Apartment 13, and finally, Pouring Ribbons.

We are well familiar with the man at the helm, the pirate crew, and the antics that ensue, but for those greenhorns ready to brave the pirate’s den, expect a sort of rock-n-roll Pirates of the Caribbean show-within-a-show. Pirate garb is optional; tropical attitude a must. Make haste and set course for:

   See the Hula Belly Sisters
   shake their skirts at 8pm

Tiki Mondays with Miller

Monday, February 13, starting at 6pm
Admission is free, but please bring ID

Facebook invite: Tiki Mondays With Miller: At World's End

Pouring Ribbons

225 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009
(Nearest subway: the L at 1st avenue)

A grand adventure awaits for those willing to participate in one final act of tiki piracy. Expect amazing cocktails, guest bartenders, former crew member sightings, plenty of brand sponsors, Liar’s Dice, drunken singalongs, and other camera-worthy frivolity.

Photo by Danny Miller. @danleomil