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Flavory? Yes! Sometimes one stumbles upon a lexicological wonder so fantastical yet so precise that it must be shouted from the rooftops.

Like its sister adjectives “flavorsome” and “flavorous”, flavory refers to something that is rich and full of pleasant flavor, which perfectly describes the characteristics I most value in food and cocktails.

Flavory comestibles command a certain type of love and respect: morsels are eaten slowly, with small, gentle bites—nibbled, if you will; drinks are sipped repeatedly to enjoy the subtle nuance of the comingled ingredients.

Although some may assume this flavory approach only applies to a gourmet meal or craft cocktail, it should also apply to that piping hot pizza slice or well-poured micro brew.

Consuming without thought can change a person’s modality.

Eating a slice of pizza on the go can never be as satisfying as a sit-down meal. Standing in front of the fridge while munching on cold Chinese can leave us feeling edgy and deprived.

What’s the use of waiting for six months to dine at that high-end restaurant if your eyes are glued to your phone? Instead of experiencing that chef’s exquisite presentation in situ, you’re left with under-exposed photos and a vague memory of what you probably tasted. And why order a complex cocktail if all you’re going to do is down it in one gulp?

Thoughtful eating gives us an opportunity to relax and reset in a way that eating on the run never can. The trick is to remember to pause and appreciate each nibble and every sip. This is the key to a more relaxed way of life.

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