The Beginning

Life’s paths are often crooked ones. Through twists and turns, we find ourselves revisiting an idea, slowly advancing upon that moment when inspiration strikes.
The summer of 2004 was a busy one. Interior design classes, work and the onslaught of summer parties kept me almost too busy for kitchen experiments. Almost.
I had been working on perfecting chocolate mocha raspberry frosting earlier. The kitchen table was still a mess when my schoolmate (and friend) stopped by to drop off some supplies.

Jokingly, I said that I was working on a cookbook.

Glancing down at the spread of bowls and books, my well-intentioned friend commented that I should forget the cookbook and write a blog instead. He reasoned that since I kept such detailed notes, writing a blog post would be easy-peasy. An hour, at most.

How wrong he was.

Blogging bored me to tears. Writing recipes was fairly easy, but waxing poetic over minor mincemeat modifications was so very, very tedious (don't get me started on photographing each step). I felt unfocused. Words were written, but nary a post was published.

Fast-forward to January 2011.

A food-enamored friend and I are at a social gathering rife with food and cocktail enthusiasts. An excellent punch was served; conversation has naturally turned to food. As I was effusing about the success of my latest miso-marinated fish creation, an acquaintance interrupts, “You need a blog.”
Well, that sounds awesome, I say. I'll start tomorrow!

(I did mention our host’s very excellent punch, right?)

The conversation gradually turned toward general meal-making attitudes. Mine has always been to enjoy the entire process. Shopping for ingredients is often as relaxing as creating a dish or sitting down to dine. I even enjoy the cleanup...sort of.

Aha, I think. Something worth blogging about!

Obligatory first post, check!